Hauoli in the News

NewsWatch Review: Hauoli – Acoustic-Based Motion Tracking Technology

NewsWatch demonstrates Hauoli's motion tracking use cases and demo applications that can be obtained on this website!

VRTimes: Haouli LLC Develops Innovative Tracking Technology

Professor Qiu has discovered through her research an acoustic-based tracking technique, which accurately tracks hands and other dexterous implements with no need for extra hardware.

Geeks of Doom: SXSW 2017: Hauoli Tracks VR Movements With Sound

[Hauoli has] created motion tracking that works for VR and they have built that on top of their vast experience in motion tracking devices built for other applications like conventional video games, drones, wearables, and even cars.

Engadget: This company can track motion with sound instead of light

Hauoli, a young Austin-based startup demoing at SXSW, has something different in mind. It's developed a way to track virtual objects with sound. The solution is entirely software based and works with just about any speaker...

Inquisitr: Women Who Tech And Craig Newmark Announce 10 Finalists For Fourth Women Startup Challenge

We received close to 200 entries from women-led startups who are at the forefront of VR and AI... It’s vitally important that women and their companies get properly supported so that their perspective on these life changing products is brought to market.

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